How to learn magic in Demon’s Souls

Mastering the dark arts.

One can go for hours in Demon’s Souls not realizing that magic can be used at any point in the game. With it, you can heal or even go invisible in an instant. These abilities all come at a small price, but are well worth it when used in the toughest boss fights.

Buying magic and miracles

To equip magic, begin by hunting down the closest archstone and quick travel to The Nexus. On the right side of the building, head behind the pillar next to the stairs and speak to the man resting on the structure. After, talk to him once more and a menu will pop up with an option to learn magic.

On the opposite side of the building, there be another man who can teach you miracles, a form of spells that focus on defense and can be bought for as little as 3,000 souls. As an added bonus, you’ll be given a Talisman of God, which can restore a part of your health.

In order to use each of these, you will need to have your faith attribute at a level 10 or higher, something most classes already start out with.

Equipping spells

Once you’ve purchased a spell, head into the Equipment tab in the pause menu. Click on the first slot for either your right or left hand, and each miracle’s talisman will be listed among your weapons and shields. Most likely, your blue magic bar will only allow you to perform one spell at a time. To change this, you’ll need to raise your magic attribute to see the bar grow.