Football Manager 2022 promises an improved transfer deadline day experience

There are also Staff Meetings to look forward to.

Image via Sega

As part of an ongoing video series called In the Studio, Sports Interactive and Sega have unveiled more features arriving in Football Manager 2022. They include an enhanced transfer deadline day experience and improvements to staff communication.

Transfer Deadline Day is one of the most anticipated and exciting moments in the footballing calendar for fans, so Sports Interactive will be looking to replicate that feeling in this year’s installment of the management sim series. They have implemented a Deadline Day hub that will list the latest finalized transfers, rumors, and offers.

Players can also utilize dedicated screens to check which clubs are interested in the members of their squad and discover players who don’t have long left on their contract and could be a potential bargain. Aside from these changes, the UI has received a facelift, including a timer to increase the sense of urgency.

Another new addition is Staff Meetings. These will take place weekly and allows players to tweak pre-match preparation, long-term player development, and the team’s development. The backroom staff will also give advice and insights that may prove crucial in the team’s success or failure.

The release of Footballer Manager 2022 creeps ever-closer, with the game set to launch on November 9. If you’re an Xbox user and have never touched the series before, it might be a good time to jump in since it will be available on Game Pass day one.