How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

Players can save valuable time with these tricks for leveling up characters and adventure rank faster in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact character menu

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The ever-expanding game of Genshin Impact continues to introduce higher-level enemies and quests as new areas are released. Starting this game now can seem daunting, especially when you want to catch up with your friends quickly. Thankfully, it’s not impossible if you know what to do.

Players not only have to level up the characters in their party but also level up as a player themselves. You are assigned Adventure Ranks (AR) which determines what quests and storylines they have access to. They also must level up the characters to keep pace with the higher-level enemies and bosses. While both have individual ways to increase their levels, there is some overlap as well which makes leveling both a faster process.

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5 Best Ways to Level Up Characters

Genshin Impact exp materials
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Leveling up characters in Genshin Impact requires three different leveling materials and ascension materials. While the ascension materials differ between each character, they all need Wanderer’s Advice, Adventurer’s Experience, and Hero’s Wit items. These items each give different amounts of EXP and can be assigned to any character a player has. The best ways to acquire these are the following.

  • Locating chests through world exploration – There are many chests spread throughout the map. Inside them are multiple rewards, including the three leveling materials. Some chests require fighting enemies which will also give EXP.
  • Farming Ley Line Outcrops – There are several Ley Lines in every area of the game. These can be found on the map with a yellow or blue smoke-like icon. Here players will fight a group of enemies that match with the current character level. Once they are defeated, players can exchange Resin pieces for the EXP materials. These are repeatable events, making it easy to acquire the EXP materials multiple times.
  • Realm Depot – When players hit AR28, they will have access to the Serenitea Port where they will be able to talk to Tubby and access the Realm Depot shop. There, players will be able to buy the EXP materials with Realm Currency.
  • Quests – Every quest will have a list of rewards for completion. These rewards will include EXP materials like Hero’s Wit.
  • Events – Events occur often in the game and with events comes event shops. Here players can buy a lot of EXP materials.

Ascension materials can be found while exploring through the world. Players can click on the material needed for each character where there is a description that will explain where to find it. Players will need the ascension materials to raise the cap on the character level.

5 Best Ways to Level Up Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact adventurer's handbook
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Leveling up a player’s AR is imperative for progressing in Genshin Impact. As a player’s AR level increases, more quests (both side quests and main story quests), areas, and Domains will become available. Reaching the next AR level does not require materials like leveling up characters. Here are the best ways to level up your AR:

  • Adventurer’s Handbook – The Adventurer’s Handbook will have a variety of task to complete that will award Adventurer EXP.
  • Domains – Domains will have different level quests available depending on the AR rank of the player. For every quest completed, Adventurer EXP is awarded.
  • Bosses – There are weekly bosses and normal bosses in the game. Defeating them will award Adventurer EXP. However, players must spend Resin to acquire the rewards.
  • Daily Commissions – Everyday there will be new commissions from the Adventurer’s Guild. These are easy to complete and reward a good amount of Adventurer EXP.
  • Playing through the story – Completing the main story and character quests will award Adventurer EXP.

Ways to Level Both Adventurer Rank and Character Levels

Genshin Impact character levels
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The reward system in Genshin Impact is set up conveniently for leveling up both AR and character levels at the same time. The biggest way to do both is by completing story quests and any Adventure Guild tasks. Many of these will lead to a chest with EXP materials and will award the player with Adventurer EXP.

Genshin Impact looks for ways to give players the EXP they need to progress. All players have to do is take it.