How to level up the battle pass in Crucible

Level up that battle pass and earn those rewards.


Everyone gains access to a battle pass in Crucible. There’s a free version, but there’s also a premium one available to those who purchase it for 950 credits. This equates to $4.99 per 500 credits, or you can buy 1,100 for $9.99 in the Crucible store. Once you have your 950 credits, you can buy the premium battle pass and gain additional rewards for completing it.

Level it up, you need to complete daily and weekly challenges. These rewards award you gems after you complete them, and you need to meet certain parameters to receive these gems.

The daily challenges are available every day and refresh when Crucible‘s refreshes, which happens after the 24 hours. You need to complete the daily challenges each day if you want to level up the battle pass. If you partially complete one and don’t finish it before the reset, the challenge will not count because it is replaced with a new one. The daily challenges are available to everyone and give you two or three gems.

Check out the challenges for the week if you go to the battle pass tab at the top left of your screen. There are eight challenges available for the week you can complete. These will reset after the first week. Each of them awards you 10 gems, which is a complete tier level for the battle pass. The weekly challenges are the best way to consistently level up every time you log into Crucible.

The daily and weekly challenges will change each time they refresh. You will not be able to view the weekly challenges ahead of time.