How to link your Fire Emblem Heroes Account with Engage

Get some extra rewards for linking accounts.

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Fire Emblem Heroes continues to be one of Nintendo’s biggest mobile titles, with plenty of fans enticed by the title’s character artwork and addicting collectible aspects. While many players have fallen off from the mobile game in recent years, you should ensure your Heroes account remains active. You can link your Heroes account with Fire Emblem Engage and be rewarded with exclusive items. Nintendo doesn’t advertise this feature often, so it’s easy to miss, but fortunately, we’re here to inform you how it’s done.

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How to link Fire Emblem Engage with Fire Emblem Heroes

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First things first, you need to make a My Nintendo account. You can create a My Nintendo account at the My Nintendo website. Sign in with your My Nintendo account on your Switch. Once you have a My Nintendo account, link your account to your Fire Emblem Heroes app. To connect your account to Heroes, open the app and tap the Misc. option in the main menu. From Misc., pick Account Management, then select Link to Nintendo Account. Fill in your My Nintendo information in the browser and then select Use this account.

Once you are logged into Fire Emblem Heroes with your My Nintendo account, head to the Quests & Missions Icon in the home menu. Quests & Missions is represented on the home menu as a fountain with a pair of bird statues. After tapping Quests & Missions, hit the Heroes icon in the top right corner. You will be sent to the MyNintendo Rewards page, where you can redeem exclusive promotions. Select the Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code and 5 Orbs and tap to redeem the offer. You will then receive a 16-digit code you need to remember, or better yet write it down.

Turn on your Nintendo Switch and head over to the Nintendo eShop. Find the Enter Code option on the left side of the screen and input the 16-digit code. You will need an internet connection to receive the rewards, and the code will only last for 150 days, so put in the code quickly. Exit out the eShop and update your version of Fire Emblem Engage. Launch the game after the update and head to the Somniel. As soon as you enter the base, you will automatically receive the Heroes rewards.

The Fire Emblem Heroes rewards include:

  • Folkvangr Sword
  • Fensalir Lance
  • Noatun Axe
  • Alfonse S-rank bond ring
  • Sharena S-rank bond ring
  • Anna S-rank bond ring