How to lose wanted level in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

The best ways to get rid of the cops.

Image via Rockstar Games

There are three ways to lose your wanted level in GTA 3: Definitive Edition, and unlike in GTA V, none of them is hiding somewhere until the cops get bored and forget about you. If you want to lose the cops in this game, you’re going to have to find a Pay ‘n’ Spray, a Police Bribe, or a Safe House.

Pay ‘n’ Spray

Using a Pay ‘n’ Spray will respray and repair your car and reduce your wanted level to zero, even if the paint is the same color. You can’t use a Pay ‘n’ Spray on foot, or with an emergency vehicle, or with a vehicle that’s too large to fit inside the garage. You also can’t use it if you don’t have $1,000 to pay for it.

In GTA 3, there’s one Pay ‘n’ Spray on each island:

  • Portland: In the Red Light District, one block east of your Safe House
  • Staunton Island: In Newport, two blocks east of your Safe House
  • Shoreside Vale: The north east block of Pike Creek

Police Bribe

Police Bribes are floating police badges that, when collected, each reduce your wanted level by one star. There are dozens of them located across the city, usually in a spot that requires a bit of driving skill, like a narrow alleyway or above a ramp (so as to reward cool getaway driving).

However, you can have up to two Police Bribes delivered to each of your Safe Houses. To do this, you have to get kills on Vigilante missions on each island. Getting 10 Vigilante mission kills will earn you one Police Bribe on the island where you get the kills, and getting 20 will earn you two.

Safe House

If you’re desperate, then there is a way to lose your wanted level completely without having to pay. Go to any Safe House and save your game. This action won’t affect your wanted level in itself, but if you quit the game and load your save, then your wanted level will be gone, so will several minutes of your time and some of your pride as a gamer.