How to make a bed and set your spawn point in Terraria

Learn what it takes to make a bed and set your spawn point in Terraria.


The bed is a simple and useful item in Terraria used to reset your spawn point to a desired location. To make one, you will need a sawmill, which you can learn how to make in our How to make a sawmill in Terraria guide. You will also need a loom.

How to make a bed in Terraria

Before you go to the sawmill, you will need 5 silk and 15 wood to make a basic bed. If you swap the wood out for other resources like bone, glass, money, and much more, you can make special beds out of those materials. The full list of craftable beds is below.

  • Bed
  • Bone Bed
  • Boreal Wood Bed
  • Blue Dungeon Bed
  • Cactus Bed
  • Dynasty Bed
  • Ebonwood Bed
  • Flesh Bed
  • Frozen Bed
  • Glass Bed
  • Golden Bed
  • Green Dungeon Bed
  • Honey Bed
  • Lihzahrd Bed
  • Living Wood Bed
  • Marble Bed
  • Mushroom Bed
  • Obsidian Bed
  • Palm Wood Bed
  • Pearlwood Bed
  • Pink Dungeon Bed
  • Pumpkin Bed
  • Rich Mahogany Bed
  • Shadewood Bed
  • Skyware Bed
  • Slime Bed
  • Spooky Bed
  • Steam Punk Bed

While wood can be found by chopping down any surrounding trees, the 5 silk can take a little more time. To make the 5 silk, you will need to find 35 cobwebs (7 cobwebs per one piece of silk). After you have the required cobwebs, you can make the silk in your loom.

Once you have created your bed, there are certain criteria to be met before it can make a spawn point. The room the bed is in must be between 60 and 749 tiles in size (at least a 9×7 box) so enemies cannot spawn in it. A space above the bed will be required as well for the player to spawn into. The room’s exterior must be made of anything besides dirt. The walls of the room need to also be placed by the player, not naturally existing there.

If all the requirements are met, a message saying “Spawn point set!” will appear when you lay in it.