How to make a bed and set your spawn point in Terraria

Beds got you covered when you need a new spawning point.

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Even in Terraria, you need to lie down and occasionally rest, even if only to speed up the clock. Your home is hardly complete without a bed, and a bed in Terraria serves a few important purposes as well. When you build a bed and place it in your chosen spot, you will be able to interact with it to set up a spawn point and also to get some sleep which increases the passage of time by a factor of 5 and gives you a buff that increases your Health regeneration. To do all that, you will first have to craft it, so here’s how to make a bed in Terraria and then use it to set up a spawn point.

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How to craft a Bed in Terraria

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There are 35 variants of a Bed in Terraria, but outside of aesthetics and a few of them having different crafting methods, they all function the same way. The main crafting station that you need to craft a Bed is the Sawmill. After you’ve set up your Sawmill workstation, you will have to gather resources to craft a Bed. There are several ways to make it, depending on the type of Bed you want. For the most basic version, you will need the following:

  • 15 Wood
  • 5 Silk

Wood is pretty straightforward to get, but Silk can take some time to craft. That’s because you’ll need to make a Loom and gather Cobwebs to make Silk. To get Cobwebs, head underground and look for clumps of the material, then hit them to gather them. You need seven Cobwebs to make one Silk, so that means you’ll need 35 of them for a single Bed.

Next, make a Loom. That’s pretty easy to do since you’ve already set up the Sawmill. Just use 12 of any type of Wood and make a Loom, then set it up in your crafting area. Afterward, use the gathered Cobwebs to make Silk.

With the required resources in your inventory, go to your Sawmill and craft the Bed. After that, you can go and place the Bed at the location that you want to become your new spawn point.

How to use the Bed in Terraria

There are two kinds of interactions depending on which function of the Bed you want to use.


If you press the button to interact with the head of the bed (the two “pillow” blocks), your character will lie down to sleep. This will result in game time accelerating five times and also giving you a Health regeneration buff upon waking up.

Setting up a spawn point

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The main use of the Bed in Terrria is to set up a new spawn point. This is the point you will respawn to upon dying (in non-permadeath games). To set it up, you have to press the interact button with the foot of the bed (the bottom two blocks) after the Bed has been placed in a space that’s considered to be valid housing. If you do it correctly, you will get the “Spawn point set!” status message upon interacting. If you interact with it again, you will get the “Spawn point removed!” message, and the spawn point will return to the default world spawn point.

For the Bed to be a valid spawn point, you have to make sure that there is enough room around it for your character to spawn, which means it requires at least 3 tiles above it to be accessible.