How to make a defensive wall gate in Sons of the Forest

Craft without being needlessly crafty.

The crafting feature is at the crux of Endnight’s sandbox-style Sons of the Forest. Learning how to craft is remarkably instinctive in the survival game. Thanks to the massive variety of crafting recipes the guidebook offers, you can keep enemies from breaking into your cabin or fort. Just build a defensive wall — perhaps even a spiky one — and they simply won’t be able to enter. If you are worried about getting trapped inside your own building, there’s no need — Sons of the Forest allows you to add a defensive wall gate for you and your allies to come and go whenever you want.

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Building a defensive wall gate in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

Building a defensive wall gate can be crucial in fortifying your base against potential threats. Here are the steps to building a defensive wall gate:

  1. Build a defensive Wall with 5 to 7 logs. 
  2. Continue adding logs until you have a solid wall that covers the area you want to protect.
  3. Hold a log in your hand and look at the wall. You should see a white diagonal outline that shows where the gate will be placed. The outline will be on the opposite side of the wall from where you stand.
  4. Look at the white diagonal outline and click to build the gate. You will see the log start to form the frame of the gate. 
  5. Once you have built the gate, you can open and close it to keep enemies at bay.

In short, the defensive wall gate will show up in your building book. If you face a log wall, you can place a log on the side of the defensive walls. Just get near that defensive wall, and the log should display as a diagonal placement.