How to make a rain catcher in Sons of the Forest

The rainy season is here.

Image via Endnight Games

Getting clear water is essential to staying alive in most survival games, and it is also the case with Sons of the Forest. If you have played its prequel, The Forest, you might have used a rain catcher to source clean water, and since Sons of the Forest shares many elements with its prequel, naturally, most players will be looking to make a rain catcher. Here’s how to add one to your inventory and get some of that sweet, sweet rainwater.

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Crafting rain catcher in Sons of the Forest

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Unfortunately, there is no current way to make a rain catcher in Sons of the Forest. This is mainly because the game is still in early access, so many features are yet to be added. Right now, the only way to obtain clean water in the game is through a river. Simply use your GPS to locate the nearest river, and when near it, press E to drink it. If you drink from a river twice, your thirst bar will be fully refilled. Keep in mind you do not have to boil water beforehand to consume the water. This is different from The Forest, where if you source water from a river or lake, you have to boil it to make it drinkable. Alternatively, you can consume a white plant called Yarrow to fill up your thirst bar.

You can also prepare beforehand and stock items that will likely be used to make a rain catcher in Sons of Forest. In The Forest, turtle shells were combined with ropes to make a rain catcher, so get a hold of a few to stay ahead of the curve. It might not be the same recipe, but it’s always better to be prepared.