How to make a torch in Grounded

It’s scary in the dark.


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Taking on the bugs in Grounded is scary enough, but doing it in the dark is not something you want to do. As such, you will need to make some torches before the sun goes down, or you will find yourself on the wrong side of a giant ant.

How to make a torch

Torch recipe

To make a torch, you will need the following items:

  • Sprig x 2
  • Sap x 1
  • Woven Fiber x 2
  • Dry Grass Chunk x 3


To get the sprigs, you can collect them off the ground as you explore. These look like medium size, single-stemmed plants with small leaves at the top.


Sap can be collected from trees and branches and will look like small yellow blobs. Look for fallen branches or low hanging twigs.

Woven Fiber

To make Woven Fiber, you will need to analyze Plant Fiber found on the ground in the Analyzer. This will then unlock the Woven Fiber recipe, and you can craft it in the Materials tab of the Crafting menu.

Dry Grass Chunk

To get Dry Grass Chunk, you will need a Chopping Tool. You can find pale, yellow, dry grass stick out of the ground, or fallen over on the ground itself. Smash it up with the Chopping Tool, and it will break into small pieces that you can pick up.

When you have all the above components, you can make a torch in the Crafting menu’s Tools tab.