How to craft a Chopping Tool in Grounded

Chop to survive.


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

In Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded, the aim of the game is survival. You’re alone in the middle of a grassy jungle with nothing on you except the pack on your back and your will to survive. First things first, you’re going to need to learn how to fend for yourself. 

One of the first tools that you’ll need in the game is a chopping tool. The first major hurdle is a contraption that has three laser nodes targeted by three laser towers. Unfortunately, there is one grass stem that is blocking the path of the laser to one of the nodes, but you can’t unblock it without first getting a chopping tool.

The pebble axe is what you need, and the materials it requires are:

  • 3 sprigs
  • 2 pebblets
  • 1 woven fiber

The first two items are relatively easy to find as they are sprawled out everywhere on the floor. The woven fiber though is not as straightforward. There are nodes of plant fibers all around you, but there are no woven samples, and there’s no recipe for it. 

What you need to do is take a sample of the plant fiber to the very first camp that you come across. This will include a tent that has a computer in it to analyze an item. This will help you to discover what the material can be used for in recipes. Head to the computer, and use it to analyze the plant fiber. Once completed, it will then unlock the woven fiber recipe, meaning you can then create all the materials needed to craft a pebblet axe. You can do this from the crafting menu.

With this, you can begin to cut down grass stems in no time before upgrading to bigger and better equipment.