How to make Woven Fiber in Grounded

You won’t get far without it.


There is a lot of crafting in Grounded, but it’s not always easy to figure out where to get the resources that you need to make all the things you will require. One early sticking point for some players is finding Woven Fiber, so in this guide, we will show you how to get it.

How to make Woven Fiber

Field Station

The first thing you will need to find to make Woven Fiber is Plant Fiber. This is found from small plants that grow all over the map. These tiny plants are small, even when compared to your own shrunken form. Just pick some up, and then make your way to the Analyzer in the Field Station, marked on the map by the purple tent icon.

Place some of the Plant Fiber into the Analyzer, then analyze it. This will break down the item that you place inside, but it will also tell you about anything that you can make from the item, in this case, Woven Fiber. Now that you know the recipe for Woven Fiber, you can open the Crafting Menu, then go to the Materials tab.

Here you will find the Woven Fiber, and you can craft it just like any other recipe in the game. The Analyzer is an extremely important tool and will be vital to learning about everything you can make, so be sure to analyze the various resources and items that you find.