How to make Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy’s favorite meal.

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With so many different recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will be spending much of your time in front of the stove cooking up a storm. While some of these recipes are as easy as throwing one item into a pan, others take time and a lot of ingredients. Bouillabaisse is just one of the many meals you can make but it is one of the more difficult. Here is how you make Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to cook Bouillabaisse

You might not head about Bouillabaisse until Goofy asks you to make it during the Dinner with a Friend quest. During this quest, Goofy will have you gather enough ingredients to craft two dishes of Bouillabaisse. The recipe is rather simple when you break it down. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Shrimp
  • Two portions of seafood
  • Two portions of vegetables
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Obtaining all of the ingredients will take some time. First up is the location of the Shrimp. Shrimp can only be obtained on Dazzle Beach which means you need to unlock the biome if you haven’t done so yet. Take out your fishing rod and use it on the blue fishing nodes in the water off the beach. These nodes have the best chance of rewarding you with Shrimp.

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When it comes to seafood, any ingredient that counts as seafood will suffice. You can easily fill this spot with Clams, Scallops, or Oysters that you find on Dazzle Beach. They can be found scattered across the sand. Finally, the vegetables don’t need to be specific either. You can use any vegetable at all. In the image above, we show that Bouillabaisse can be made using two tomatoes and two Clams. Once you have the ingredients, you can cook this meal at any of the cooking stations around the valley. Make sure you share it with Goofy.