How to make enemies in BitLife

Let the hate flow through you.

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Bitlife is a popular mobile game where, as the name implies, the player progresses through life bit by bit. As the player ages up, they’ll be faced with choices that could impact their relationships and shape their future. Like in real life, you’re not going to get along with everyone. Eventually, you’re going to make enemies.

To make someone your enemy, you’ll first have to become their friend. This can easily be done just by aging up. Once you first hit elementary school, you should already have made a couple of friends.

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On the main screen, go to your relationships menu. This will display all your relationships, from family to friends. Now, select the friend you’ll like to make into an enemy. Click on the three dots next to their name and it’ll bring up a short profile of them. Next, you’ll want to tap the ‘Change our status’ button. You’ll be given a few different options here, but you’ll want to select enemies. Then, confirm your selection.

By having an enemy, you’re able to do a set of activities that weren’t available before. You can insult your enemy, pull a prank on them, or start rumors about them. However, you should be careful about how often you do these actions. Doing it too much may result in your enemy doing the same thing back or even killing you. If the former happens, feel free to file a lawsuit against them if you have the money and a good lawyer by your side.

Outside of making the game more interesting, having enemies is one of the requirements to completing the Karen challenge.