How to get a Best Friend in BitLife

Best friends forever.

Image via Candywriters

You can have a handful of friends in BitLife, and these friends can give you plenty of random encounters while you’re living your life. Sometimes, if you don’t maintain these relationships, they start to go horrible things can happen. We’ve had a few situations where our friends slowly became our enemies, and these people were our co-workers to make things even more complicated. On the opposite spectrum of that, you can also get someone to become your Best Friend. How do you get a Best Friend in BitLife?

The Best Friend status is reserved for those people who have the highest relationship with your character. You can earn this status with someone whenever you have a friend in the game, and you consistently maintain a healthy relationship with them. But, of course, that means you have to interact with them before you age up your character, or you can spoil them with gifts.

The gifts need to cost a decent amount of money, and we recommend anything worth above $100. You only want to give them a gift if you forget to interact with them, or you want to increase your relationship with them as fast as possible.

Eventually, when you reach around 90 to 100% relationship with that person, they’ll ask to become your Best Friend. Like being their friend, you’ll want to maintain this relationship or risk this turning sideways and the person becoming extremely angry with you.