How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Well, this one looks weird, but it works.

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Tower of Fantasy features a great selection of food items, but you can not cook them straightaway; instead, you need to get their ingredients and recipes. Some can be easy to find, while others are a little tricky. One such recipe that is great and easy to cook is Fiddlehead Soup. It’s one of the game’s best mid-game recipes for health and satiety recovery. Here is how to make Fiddlehead Soup and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Fiddlehead Soup recipe

Fiddlehead Soup is one of the best rare recipes you can get during the mid-game. It helps you recover 16% and 34,000 health and ten satiety points, making it a great food to recover health quickly. To make the soup, you need its recipe and two ingredients, one of which might be hard to find. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Fiddlehead Soup recipe

You will not be able to make the Fiddlehead Soup if you don’t have its recipe. To get the recipe, you need to find a cooking bot. Once you find it, interact with it and select creation from the tab below. Now place all the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, press cook, and the bot will give you the Fiddlehead Soup recipe.

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Where to gather the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients

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There are only two ingredients for Fiddlehead Soup, but finding them can be tricky if you don’t know the right places. First, we need Fiddlehead, which you can only get in the Banges region of the game. To find them, look near the Banges Tech, in the industrial zone. Lastly, you can find tons of lettuces in Astra. Look in the grassy green areas, and you will come across plenty of them.