How to make Fish Risotto in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t mess up the Risotto or the chef will get mad.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with ingredients for you to find that you can turn into delicious meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. These meals can be used to replenish your energy, be given to residents to increase their Friendship Level, and are sometimes required to complete quest steps. One of the many meals you can make is Fish Risotto; a pretty flexible meal. This guide will show you how to make Fish Risotto in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fish Risotto recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Every recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is rated from one to five stars depending on how many ingredients are required to make it. Since Fish Risotto is a three-star recipe, you will need to gather three ingredients to make it. These ingredients aren’t the hardest to obtain but you will need to progress through the game a bit before you can obtain them.

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Before you can make Fish Risotto, you will first need to unlock the Glade of Trust biome. This is the area to the southwest of the Peaceful Meadow and it will cost you 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock. You can gather the Dreamlight required by completing tasks and quests around the valley. You will also need to unlock the Chez Remy restaurant. Once this is completed, gather the following ingredients to make the meal:

  • Fish
  • Rice
  • Butter

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Since Fish Risotto is a versatile meal, you can use any fish in the game to make it. Make sure you don’t accidentally use seafood instead of fish. Rice can be bought from Goofy’s Stall in the Glade of Trust. If Rice is unavailable, you can always purchase Rise Seeds to grow your own. Finally, Butter can be bought from the Chez Remy Pantry immediately after the restaurant opens. Once you have all the ingredients, combine them at a cooking station to make a plate of Fish Risotto.