How to make focus potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s how to craft Focus Potion and ingredients requirements in Hogwarts Legacy

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If you need help completing professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 in Hogwarts Legacy, don’t worry, we have you covered. Learning how to make potions will be a big part of your Hogwarts Legacy journey, so learning how to brew potions is essential. In the first stages of the game, professor Sharp will give you a task to make and use a Focus Potion and other potions. Let’s break down how to make it.

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Professor Sharp’s Assignment completion guide

To complete professor Sharp’s first assignment, you will be given two steps. He is known for teaching about potions, so that’s exactly what it revolves around. The first task is to make a Focus Potion and test it; then you will need to do the same with Maxima and Edurus potions.

  • Acquire and use a Focus Potion.
  • Acquire Maxima and Edurus potions, and use them simultaneously.

To complete these tasks, visit J. Pippin’s Potions and buy the items you need to prepare the potions. Don’t buy an already prepared potion; instead, purchase the recipes for the potions needed and brew them. To buy a Focus Potion recipe, it will cost you 1,200 coins.

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Focus Potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy | Focus Potion crafting guide

After you’ve purchased the recipe for the Focus Potion, you will need to get the ingredients needed to make it. You need to head to the nearest Potion Station to start brewing. The ingredients you will need are the following:

  • Lacewing Flies
  • Fluxweed Stem
  • Dugbog Tongue

With one of each of these ingredients, you will be able to mix them all together in the cauldron, and then it is ready. Now, you can easily and simply repeat this for Maxima and Edurus potions as well, but just be sure to use them simultaneously. After you’ve finished, go back to professor Sharp, and you will have unlocked the Depulso Spell.