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How to make frost arrows in Valheim

Learn how to craft the "coolest" arrows in Valheim!

If you are a bow user in Valheim and want to inflict your enemies with frost, an excellent alternative to the magic Staff of Frost is frost arrows. Frost is a status effect highly effective on enemies like Blobs, Seeker Soldiers, or Serpents found in the oceans. While small agile mobs like Fulings have no weakness to frost, the slowing effect can be useful for restricting their movements, allowing you to land more accurate shots. To make frost arrows, you will need a Crafting Level 4 Workbench, basic arrow crafting materials, and special resources from the Mountains.

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Crafting frost arrows in Valheim

Killing a Drake and Mining Obsidian to Make Frost Arrows in Valheim
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Crafting frost arrows in Valheim requires wood × 8 and feathers × 2 for the wooden shaft and fletching, along with obsidian × 4 and freeze gland × 1 for the pointed tip. Wood can be gathered from any tree, and feathers are primarily collected from birds like seagulls, crows, or hens. If you buy Eggs from Haldor, you can start your own chicken farm for easily accessible feather production. As for obsidian and freeze glands, these two resources are exclusive to the Mountains, so you will need some frost resistance mead or clothing to traverse the frigid highlands.

Obsidian deposits found on the lofty slopes of the Mountain biome might look like decorative rocks but are actually harvestable with an iron pickaxe or higher-tier tool. If you spot Obsidian while scaling a peak, you are likely at the elevation where you will encounter Drakes, the flying wyvern-like beasts that drop the freeze glands you need to craft frost arrows in Valheim. We found that a single fireball from the Staff of Embers is enough to kill a Drake, but fire arrows can also be effective against these aerial beasts. Once you have enough Obsidian and freeze glands, you can combine them with your wood and feathers to make frost arrows in Valheim.

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