How to make health potions in Valheim

You may need to replenish your health quickly.

The meat and berries you eat in Valheim are how you increase your health and stamina bar. If you’re hurt, the type of berries and meat you eat gives you health regeneration over time. But this process is pretty slow. When you’re in the middle of a fight with Deathsquito or battling against a rampaging goblin, you want to bring your health instantly back. You can do that with a health potion. You won’t be able to do that until you gain access to mead.

How to brew mead

You’ll need to gain access to a smelter by finding Surtling Cores. Once you have enough, you need to smelt the tin down into ingots, and then you can create a cauldron. At the cauldron, you’ll be able to make your mead bases. However, the bases are not what you drink. This is only the starting phase of the mead. When you have the mead, you now need to make a fermenter, which costs bronze. You can create bronze smelting copper and tin, and then blending that together at a forge to create bronze ingots. These are the ingredients you need to make a fermenter, and you do need to be in the range of a forge to make it.

  • 30 Fine wood
  • 5 Bronze
  • 10 Resin

Make sure you set the fermenter down in the range of a forge, and it helps to have it next to a cauldron that you’re using to create the mead bases.

How to make health potions

There are several health potions you can make in Valheim. While they are potions, they’re referred to as mead, and when you initially construct your cauldron you’ll learn how to craft a minor healing mead. You can learn to create a medium health potion by killing a leech in the Swamp biome and obtaining the bloodbag it drops.

When you’re ready to create a health potion, approach your cauldron to interact with it, create the mead base, and then take that base to your fermenter. It takes several in-game days for the mead to finish fermenting, but once it does, you’ll be able to drink from it from your inventory.