How to make Hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The best drink on cold nights.

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Cooking makes up a large part of what you will be doing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The meals that you create can be given to residents to increase their friendship levels, eaten to restore your energy, or even sold if you need some extra coins. One of the many drinks that you can craft in the game is Hot Cocoa; the perfect beverage for those cold winter nights. This guide will show you how to make Hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Hot Cocoa recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, more and more drink recipes have been added to the list of recipe options you have available. Each of the recipes on the list requires anywhere from one to five ingredients to make with the more difficult recipes requiring more ingredients. Hot Cocoa requires you to obtain three ingredients if you want to make it. Luckily, these ingredients aren’t difficult to obtain.

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If you want to make Hot Cocoa, you will first need to unlock the Sunlit Plateau and Dazzle Beach biomes. You will also need to unlock the Chez Remy restaurant. Once this has been completed, you can gather the following ingredients for the recipe:

  • Sugarcane
  • Milk
  • Cocoa Beans

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First on the list is Sugarcane. This can be obtained from Dazzle Beach by unlocking and visiting Goofy’s Stall. You can purchase both Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds from Goofy in this area. Next is Milk. It can be bought from the Chez Remy Pantry immediately after you have unlocked the restaurant. Finally, Cocoa Beans can be found growing on trees in the Sunlit Plateau. Each time you interact with a tree, you will get three Cocoa Beans added to your inventory. Once you have all the ingredients, combine them at a cooking station to make a mug of Hot Cocoa.