How to make Salmon Sashimi in Tower of Fantasy

Something is fishy about this one.

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Tower of Fantasy features many food items, and getting some of their recipes can be challenging. One such recipe is Salmon Sashimi. It’s a simple fish dish, but it’s the best food to use with frost weapons. Salmon Sashimi will increase your frost damage and grant you satiety points, making it a great food item. This Tower of Fantasy will tell you how to make Salmon Sashimi and where to get its ingredients.

Salmon Sashimi recipe

Salmon Sashimi is single-handedly the best food for all ice-type weapons. Eating it will immediately increase your frost damage by 2% and 150 for the next 20 minutes. Additionally, you will get 20 satiety points. To make Salmon Sashimi, you only need one ingredient and its recipe. Here is the ingredient you will need to make Salmon Sashimi.

How to get the Salmon Sashimi recipe

If you don’t have the recipe for Salmon Sashimi, you can easily get it. To get the Salmon Sashimi recipe, go to any cooking bot in the game and open the creation tab. Put lake bass and a good amount of rice in the tab until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, just hit cook, and you will get your recipe for Salmon Sashimi.

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How to gather Salmon Sashimi ingredients

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Although Salmon Sashimi is an advanced recipe, getting its ingredient is not that hard. You only need lake bass, and you can find a decent amount of them in the rivers of Crown Mines and the freshwater spot in Warren Snowfield. Still, it’s a super rare ingredient, so you will need to do a bit of grinding before you get the fish. Remember that lake bass is a freshwater fish, so you will only get those in freshwater. Additionally, if you are looking for rice to make its recipe, you can easily get them from the Banges or Astra food vendors.