How to make money fast chicken racing in Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Chicken Racing guide

Time to become the richest person in Kyo.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin is a huge game where you get to explore 1860s Japan. Aside from the lengthy campaign, there is a ton of side content you can dive into, including Chicken Racing. This also happens to be one of the best methods to get rich in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to make money fast through Chicken Racing in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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How to make money in Like a Dragon: Ishin through Chicken Racing

If you want to earn a ton of money and become the richest person walking in the streets of Kyo, you need to start participating in Chicken Racing. This might sound like an odd diversion for someone who is on a journey to find the murderer of his mentor, but even Sakamoto Ryoma needs money to get by. After all, all those weapons, crafting items, and equipment aren’t going to pay for themselves.

As soon as you reach Rakugai in Chapter 3, you can start playing this side activity. Before that, you will first need to purchase 3,600 Kifuda from the Chicken Race Arena. This is going to cost you 36 Ryo, so make sure you get them before heading to the arena. Now, before you start placing your bets, save the game. We’ll explain why later.

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In the arena, open the Dividend List and place a bet of 300 Kifuda on each option. Remember to not go over 300 Kifuda for each bet, as you won’t be able to maximize your earnings otherwise. If you end up winning the bet, save the game and continue with the betting process. If you lose, reload the previous save to get back all of your Kifuda and try again. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing a single penny. We also suggest that you keep on saving the game after winning bets to ensure you’re constantly building your war chest of funds.

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Once you have managed to acquire plenty of Kifuda, you can head over to the Gambling Den and trade it for Platinum Plates. You can then sell these Platinum Plates at the Ebisu Pawn Shop in return for Ryo and Virtue. Keep on repeating the entire process until you’re satisfied with the amount of money you have. Then, you can get out there and start solving mysteries like who stole all the mochi.