How to make money fast in Cyberpunk 2077

Nothing’s cheap in Night City.

You won’t live long in Cyberpunk 2077 if you don’t make money. It’s one of the better ways to grab new equipment, weapons and upgrade your arsenal to become a more powerful mercenary. You can follow the main storyline in the game to make some decent money, but there’s a whole city waiting for you to explore, and if you check out the beaten path, money won’t be an issue for you.

Sell to Drop Points and Vendors

There are numerous drop points all over Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. These are locations you’ll want to visit after raiding a gang hideout, or you’ve completed a mission, and you looted a bunch of stuff you don’t need. A drop point gives you the chance to sell off any of your unwanted gear, equipment, and any junk items you haven’t already scavenged down for crafting materials. The same goes for any specific vendors in the city.

Complete NCPD missions

You can find NCPD missions in Night City by opening up your map and finding them or using the filter to narrow down your search. You can these missions underneath the Open World filter on your map, and they’re a neon blue color. The Assault in Progress, Suspected Organized Crime, Reported Crime, and NCPD Scanner Hustles are terrific. They have various useful equipment you can pick up, giving you the chance to sell items you no longer need.

Gigs and Side Jobs

These will be the missions you can complete at any time you’re wandering around Night City. You can find them in your journal, and some of them you won’t know about until you approach their location on the map. These jobs vary from taking out a specific target, speaking to certain characters, and any job someone is willing to offer you in Night City. Make sure to check the danger levels of the job before accepting it.


If you’re looting nearly every item you come across in the game, chances are you have a load of materials sitting on your character. You can choose to craft items to improve your arsenal or straight up sell them to drop points, especially if you don’t need them. Your weapons and gear in Cyberpunk 2077 become pretty central to you, and leveling up means you’ll have access to better stuff, so crafting weaker items and selling them is a viable strategy. You don’t make too much from this, but it’s a decent side hustle if you go up the crafting tree.

Hack Access Points

When you’re investigating a hideout and completing a mission, spend a minute or two trying to find access points, you can directly hack into and take over. These locations, after you breach it, you’ll be able to transfer the owner’s funds directly into your account. It’s a smooth, quick way to make a good chunk of money, but it improves your intelligence and upgrades the breach protocol tree. A great perk to have is the Advanced Datamine passive, which allows you to increase the amount you earn by 50%.

Gun for Hire

The Gun for Hire gigs is great side missions to explore. These have you taking down a particular target, and you choose to eliminate them or take them out in a nonlethal manner. How you find them is up to you, but the Gun for Hire gigs always revolve around a single target guarded by plenty of bodyguards. You can expect plenty of fighting, or sneaking, at the location, giving you plenty of chances to grab great loot and find several items to sell or add to your arsenal.