How to make Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy

Nothing like a sweet treat to fill you up.

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Cooking in Tower of Fantasy is not only an excellent way to get buffs to various stats, but players will also need to eat food to increase their satiety. Satisfying your character’s hunger means that they will heal more outside of combat. Some recipes, like the Purple Yam Pie, require multiple ingredients to complete, so it can be tough to find what exactly you need to get the food item you want. Here is everything you need to know about how to make the Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy.

Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy – ingredients and effects

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The Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy has a couple of effects. The first is that it will regenerate your satiety by 20 points, keeping you well-fed and satisfied for a good while. However, Purple Yam Pies also boost your Volt Attack by 2% for 20 minutes, making it a valuable resource when going into many fights against enemies that are weak to Volt damage. If you’re grinding for the Cybernetic Arm shards that Sobek drops, you’ll want to get a few Purple Yam Pies to help you exploit his elemental weakness to Volt damage.

Purple Yam Pie recipe | How to craft Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy

To make Purple Yam Pie in Tower of Fantasy, you just need two ingredients.

  • 1 Purple Yam
  • 3 Brown Rice

Purple Yams can be found in the Warren Region, as shown by the black circles on the map above. The red circles mark the location of Brown Rice, which can be found in the Astra region to the northwest. Both ingredients are easy to spot once you get to the right area, though Brown Rice is significantly more common than Purple Yams.

Once you get the ingredients, you need to find a cooking pot to mix the Purple Yam and Brown Rice and make a Purple Yam Pie. If you’re completing this recipe as part of the Aida Cafe event, you should make it for Huma, as it is his favorite dessert.