How to make Ranch Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A little better than the Tasty Salad.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will collect various ingredients that are used to make meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. These meals are used to restore your energy, increase your Friendship Level with the NPCs, and complete quests. One of the many meals you will end up creating is a Ranch Salad. Though it might not sound like it, this salad is actually pretty difficult to craft. This guide will show you how to make a Ranch Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ranch Salad recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Making a Ranch Salad is difficult because it is a five-star meal. Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley are ranked from one to five stars depending on the number of ingredients required to make them. Since Ranch Salad is a five-star meal, it requires five ingredients. These ingredients, however, are not able to be obtained right away and will take some time.

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Before you can make a Ranch Salad, you will need to unlock the Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor biomes. Together, these biomes will cost around 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock. Once you have both areas unlocked, you will need the following ingredients to make a Ranch Salad:

  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Pepper
  • Corn

Lettuce is the easiest ingredient on the list to obtain. This is because it is bought from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. Next, the Tomato and Corn can both be found on Dazzle Beach. You can purchase both ingredients from Goofy’s Stall in the area. If he isn’t selling the actual ingredients, you can also purchase the seeds and grow the ingredients yourself.

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Finally, the Onion and Pepper can both be found in the Forest of Valor. Just like the other ingredients, you will need to purchase the Onion and Pepper or their seeds from Goofy’s Stall in the area. Once you have all of the ingredients, you can take them to a cooking station to craft yourself a delicious Ranch Salad.