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Where to get Desert Melons in Tower of Fantasy

Just in case you can’t find the desert, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Desert Melons are a vegetable and cooking ingredient that you can forage and collect in Tower of Fantasy. Used in the preparation of Melon Salads and Honeydew Melon Bread, Desert Melons are incredibly useful in restoring Satiety, as well as repelling flame damage and dishing out increased ice damage in return. You can harvest this invaluable food item in bulk, provided that you find where it grows.

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Where to find Desert Melons

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Desert Melons — not to be confused with the normal Melons native to Aesperia — grow exclusively on the planet Vera. As the name implies, these Desert Melons thrive in the arid desert conditions of Vera’s Gobby Desert.

However, as with most desert flora, these Desert Melons can’t quite grow in the dry and heavily eroded dunes of the Gobby. Instead, much of their growth is concentrated within the vicinity of some of Vera’s lush oases. All of these Desert Melons will be found growing in the grasslands surrounding an oasis.

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As one of the most bountiful foragable items found on Vera, the Desert Melon’s areas of growth are the most expansive. For example, plenty of them can be harvested in the Old Mirroria City Grounds and the comparably smaller Mirroria Outpost. The four unmarked oases to the west, south, and southeast of Mirroria proper each bear Desert Melons as well.

Vera and its deserts have yet to reach the current version of Tower of Fantasy, so stockpiling these Desert Melons isn’t quite possible just yet. The content in this expansion is included, along with new characters and weapons, as part of the much larger Update 2.0. This update, while not yet given a set-in-stone release date, can be expected sometime later this year.

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