How to make Creamy Corn Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Enjoy some sweet milky corns.

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Tower of Fantasy offers a variety of great mechanics to make the game fun and more enjoyable. Eating is one of those mechanics, and with the help of food items, you can regenerate health, satiety, and endurance or increase your damage or resistance for certain elements. Creamy Corn Soup is a great food item that you can easily get. It helps you recover health and satiety, making it a handy item. Here is how to make Creamy Corn Soup recipe and where to find its ingredients.

Creamy Corn Soup recipe

Creamy Corn Soup is one of the easiest recipes to make in Tower of Fantasy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Instead, it is a great recipe to recover health. Consuming it restores seven satiety points and 12% and 3,300 health. To make it, you only need its recipe and three simple ingredients. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Creamy Corn Soup:

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How to get Creamy Corn Soup recipe

It’s impossible to make Creamy Corn Soup without its recipe, but getting it is not hard at all. Go to any cooking bots and open the creation tab. Put all the Creamy Corn Soup ingredients in there until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, hit create, and the bot will give you the recipe.

Where to gather Creamy Corn Soup ingredients

You need three ingredients to make Creamy Corn Soup, and they are easy to get your hand on. You can only get corn from the Food Vendor in Mirroria City. The vendor’s name is Mrs. Fragrance, and she is standing near the edge of the Reception area. You can also purchase Milk from that Food Vendor, but it’s not specific to that vendor, so you can purchase it from any vendor in the game. Lastly, mushrooms are basic ingredients that you can get from most parts of the world by defeating the Shroomans.