How to make Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A very flexible dish.

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There are a ton of different meals that you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These meals can be used to replenish your energy or shared with residents of the valley to increase your Friendship Level. You can even use meals to complete quest steps. One of the many meals you can make in the game is Veggie Casserole. This meal is pretty flexible and one of the easier meals you can make. This guide will show you how to make Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Veggie Casserole recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each recipe that you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley is rated from one to five stars, with the stars representing how many ingredients are required to make the meal. Since Veggie Casserole is a four-star meal, you will need four ingredients to make it. Luckily, these ingredients can be ones that you find early on in the game.

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Before you try to make a Veggie Casserole, it is important to unlock one or two of the biomes so you can access more ingredients. Since this is a more flexible recipe, you don’t need to stick to specific biomes to find the ingredients required for it. You do, however, need to unlock the Chez Remy restaurant. The following ingredients are needed to make Veggie Casserole:

  • A Vegetable
  • A Vegetable
  • Cheese
  • A Spice

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Any two vegetables will work for making a Veggie Casserole. For example, we used an Onion and a Leek to make ours. While there are a few that can turn the recipe into something else, almost any vegetable will work. You can also use any spice. For example, we use Oregano in our Veggie Casserole which can be found in the Plaza. The Cheese is found in the Chez Remy Pantry after you unlock the restaurant and is the only mandatory ingredient in the dish.