How to move and destroy buildings in Cult of the Lamb

Sometimes even a prophet makes mistakes.

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One of the biggest parts of Cult of the Lamb is building a home for your devoted cult of followers. Early on this is pretty easy since you have lots of free space and only a handful of buildings. Eventually, though, things get more complicated, and additional structures (especially far-ranging farms) need to be organized more carefully to make sure everything flows smoothly. Plus, an orderly village just looks nicer.

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How to move and destroy buildings

Screenshot by Gamepur

To move or destroy a building, all you need to do is head to the construction building and open the menu. From here, you should see an option at the bottom called “Edit Buildings” (assigned to the Y button on Nintendo Switch). If you don’t see this option in your menu, refer to the next section for how to unlock it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you select this option, you’ll enter a building editing mode that will allow you to change the layout of your compound at will. Selecting a building in this mode will give you the option to either move it to another open location or remove it from your base entirely. Note that some buildings can’t be removed from your base, and others, like the Shrine and the construction building, are locked in place permanently.

How to unlock the “Edit Buildings” option

Although moving and destroying buildings in Cult of the Lamb is a relatively easy, straightforward process, note that you won’t be able to do it immediately. After building your first couple of structures, you still won’t have an option available to edit them in any way. It seems like you need to unlock and construct a few buildings first, likely some of the less essential buildings. In our experience, we were able to unlock the option after building a farm plot, but similar structures like sleeping bags should work as well.