How to move the Sea Turtle in Coral Island

Offer the turtle its favorite food.

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While exploring the seafloors of Coral Island, you’ll occasionally come across a giant Sea Turtle that will block your path. Although you might not know how to remove the obstacle, it’s necessary to do so since it will lead you to a new area or hidden treasures. If you have yet to figure out how to move the Sea Turtle in Coral Island, refer to the guide below.

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How to remove the Sea Turtle from your path

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Once you encounter a Sea Turtle, interact with it, and the creature will ask for a Cucumber. However, the Cucumber you hand out needs to have a Bronze star and cannot be of any other rarity. If you are wondering how to acquire a Bronze Cucumber, you need to put fertilizers on Cumber’s crop while it’s growing up. That said, applying fertilizers doesn’t guarantee a Bronze Cucumber but only increases the chances of it. You can buy the Cucumber seed for 25g, which takes around 8-9 days to grow fully. Once produced, take the Bronze Cucumber and offer it to the Sea Turtle. It will gladly munch on the Cucumber, clearing the path for you to move forward. Otherwise, it can be sold for 35g on the market.

It’s worth noting that Cucumber seed won’t be available from the get-go, and you need to unlock it. To do so, you need to increase the Town level to be able to buy the required seed. This can be done by filling out the Offerings, donating resources, or activating the Sun Stone statues.