How to Open Loot Trucks in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is packed with a bazillion things to do. At any given moment, you may be attacked by a turkey, crazy cultist, or cougar. In the midst of all that chaos, you’re simply trying to be the best deputy you can be. Part of that involves having the right gear to succeed and loot trucks can help here. These trucks patrol the roads of Hope County on a seemingly endless basis and can be pulled over for some extra loot.

How to Loot Trucks

How to Open Loot Trucks in Far Cry 5
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Most of the trucks that populate Hope County are easily stopped. They typically only contain a single driver and no escort, so the cleanest way to stop them is to shoot out the driver. Of course, you can also shoot out the tires, or just blow the whole thing up. Once the truck is stopped, you will actually want to open the back and get at its cargo.

This may not always be the most obvious task, but once you’ve figured it out, it applies to all kinds of trucks, from small 5-ton vehicles to large 53ft trailers. What you want to do is look for the controls box on the side of the truck. It’s typically located near the rear axle and painted in bright yellow. Interacting with those controls will open the rear doors and extend a ramp, allowing for easy access to whatever the truck holds.

How to Open Loot Trucks in Far Cry 5
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This is also the proper way to record the looting of a truck for the purposes of unlocking challenges and perks. If you need further assistance navigating the admittedly crazy Hope County, pay a visit to our Far Cry 5 Guide Hub.