How to open the main gate in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s complete the High Keep Quest

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Are you having some trouble figuring out how to open the Main Gate in Hogwarts Legacy during the High Keep Quest? The game has many quests and so many places to explore, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get the hang of something right away. High Keep is one that tends to be difficult for a lot of players, especially since some quests need spells to be performed in order to complete them. For example, opening the gate at High Keep. Let’s get into how you can complete this quest.

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How to open the gate in the High Keep quest

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To open the gate in the High Keep Quest, you will have to find the gatehouse. First, you will need to climb the Battlements. However, you might not be able to get through the path to the gatehouse as easily as you thought since it is blocked by a box. You can head over to the dead end and look out the window, when you do, you can use Wingardium Leviosa to move the box toward yourself. Now you will be able to enter the pathway you need.

Image via Pop Pop Games on YouTube

Once you’ve entered the room, be sure to use the Depluso on the lever twice to reveal the huge handle behind the portcullis. After that, use Accio on the handle which will lower the chuck of wood and that will open the Main Gate. Now, there will be a few puzzles to complete in order to fully finish the quest, and do note that you will have to use Revelio a lot as well. But now you know how to open the Main Gate and you will be able to progress further in the game.