How to pin postcards to your Postcard Book in Pokémon Go

There are few important reasons you want to know this, and they all start with Vivillon.

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You receive a postcard whenever you open up a gift from a friend in Pokémon Go. The postcard is a small icon and image of the PokéStop your friend visited, marking a location they went to while playing Pokémon Go in their part of the world. You can save some of them to a Postcard Book, and if you do, there’s a good chance you might encounter a Scatterbug from that region of the world, giving you access to a Vivillon from that habitat. Here’s what you need to know about how to pin postcards to your Postcard Book in Pokémon Go.

How pinning postcards to your Postcard Book works in Pokémon Go

The option to do this will happen briefly when you initially open up a gift from a friend. When opening a gift, make sure you have room for additional items in your inventory. You may need to discard unwanted items from your Pokémon Go inventory if it’s full before you can accept a gift. Once you accept a gift, there is a small pin icon next to the postcard, and you will need to click this to post it to your Postcard Book. Again, this happens before you open the gift.

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You can hold up to 300 postcards in your Postcard Book. You can view this book by clicking on your profile icon on the bottom left of the main Pokémon Go screen. While on your profile page, there will be an option for you to examine your Postcard Book, and you can see how many postcards you have.

If you’re looking to catch Scatterbug, you must collect multiple postcards from a specific region for a Scatterbug encounter to become available. You can find it on the Vivillon Collector badge page.

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When it evolves into Vivillon, the pattern on its wings should reflect the habitat the Scatterbug came from. For those looking to collect all 18 Vivillon patterns.