How to play against Bots in Fortnite Chapter 2

Get your practice in.

Fortnite Bots

A common feature for modern multiplayer titles is the ability to play against A.I., or bots for short. Fortnite does have a way to practice or mess around with bots but not through traditional means. Today we’ll be going over how to play against bots in Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

Where to play against Bots

There’s only one concrete way to fight bots in Fortnite. While you can technically kill bots in an online match, the amount of bots is random, and you don’t get to choose how the bots act.

In Chapter 2, you’ll need to load into Fortnite Battle Lab to practice with bots. Battle Lab is a mode that was added in late 2019 to give players another place to practice their building skills or become accustomed to a certain weapon.

Within Battle Lab, there are a plethora of customizable settings that you can alter. This includes removing fall damage, starting health, keeping your items upon death, and more. Once you pick and choose your settings, hop into a match of Battle Lab by yourself or with up to 15 other friends.

When you begin to loot chests and search buildings for weapons, keep a lookout for an item labeled “Enemy Bot Grenade” or “Friendly Bot Grenade.” As the name suggests, these grenades will spawn a bot that will either fight with you or against you. Most of the time, you want the Enemy Bot Grenade. However, if you’re playing with friends, the Friendly Bot Grenade is also a good find.

You spawn the bot in by simply throwing the grenade at whatever spot you want the bot to be. After the bot spawns, it will immediately start shooting at you if it’s an enemy. This is a great simulation for a real match of Fortnite and allows you to practice building when being fired upon or shooting in general.