How to play as Michael Jordan in PGA Tour 2K23

MJ on the course? Yes, that’s a thing.

Image via 2K Sports

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Off the court, though, Jordan was known to be a solid scratch golfer. Considering that, 2K decided to use its relationship with MJ and add #23 to PGA Tour 2K23. Much like the other pro golfers in 2K23, users will have the option to use Michael Jordan in the game. So, how can you use MJ in 2K23? Let’s take a look.

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How to play as Michael Jordan in PGA Tour 2K23

Much like Tiger Woods and the other PGA golfers in PGA Tour 2K23, users will be able to play as Tiger Woods in both the Local Match and Online Match modes. Michael Jordan can’t be used in 2K23’s MyCareer mode.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For either Local or Online Matches, go to the main menu. Then, select ‘Casual,’ followed by either ‘Local Match’ or ‘Online Match.’ This will depend if you want to play a single-player (Local) or multiplayer (Online) game.

From there, hover over to the left-hand side of the screen. Right above your player’s avatar should be two tabs, one with your ID name and the other that reads ‘Change Golfer.’ Select ‘Change Golfer,’ and then select Michael Jordan.

Unlike Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan’s stats — particularly on the green — in PGA Tour 2K23 leave a bit to be desired. Then again, Jordan never played on the Tour, so that should be expected. Here’s a look at the stats for Michael Jordan in PGA Tour 2K23:

  • Power: 75
  • Timing: 78
  • Swing Path: 77
  • Transition: 73
  • Shaping: 77
  • Lie Range: 78
  • Putt Path: 71
  • Putt Weight: 72

These stats might be updated throughout the season, but these are accurate as of October 24, 2022.