How to play pool in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Rack ’em up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a handful of minigames you can play in the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. One of those games is pool, and it’s a solid way to earn some extra cash if you want to make some money while you’re wandering around. Here’s how you can play pool in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition and where you need to go to challenge players.

The only location you play pool in the game is at bars, and there are five of these locations.

  • Casino Floor in Las Venturas
  • Lil’ Probe’Inn in Bone County
  • Misty’s in Garcia, San Fierro
  • Ten Green Bottles on Grove Street
  • The Craw Bar in Old Venturas Strip

When you enter any known bar locations listed above, you’ll need to seek out pool players. These available players will have a pool cue in hand, and they’ll be standing next to the pool table. When you approach them, you’ll be able to make a wager for how much you’ll receive if you win the game or how much you lose should you come up short.

The game’s goal is to hit the solids or stripes into one of the six holes on the pool table. The balls you want to hit in will vary for each game, but it will be the first one you get into any of the pockets at the start of the game. If you hit stripes first, you’ll be attempting to get all of the striped balls. If you go for the fully colored balls, you’ll be going for all of the ones covered in color.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your goal is to get all of your balls to go in and then go for the black eight ball. This is the final ball. If you hit this in before having all of your balls in, then you lose. Whenever you hit one of your balls in, you get another turn. If you hit your ball in and the white ball, it’s your opponent’s turn, and they can place the white ball anywhere on the table.

At the end of the game, you receive if your winnings if you were the victor, or you’ll lose the amount of money you bet should you lose