How to play Slappers Only in GoldenEye 007

A good smack ought to do it.

Image via Rare

GoldenEye 007 is one of the most well-remembered multiplayer games of all time. It was the first true success story for a first-person shooter on home consoles in a time where 3D environments were still young and developers were learning how to work with it. It might not hold up the best with today’s standards, but the multiplayer here has made many great gaming memories. If you are looking to give the game a try, you will want consider trying the community-created mode, Slappers Only. Here is how to play it.

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How to set up a Slappers Only game in GoldenEye 007

If you and some friends are looking to play Slappers Only in GoldenEye 007, head to the Multiplayer Options and select the weapons entry until Slappers Only! appears. This will take away all weapons in the game, leaving all players unarmed and only able to karate chop opponents.

For the most fun, also go to Scenario and set it to License to Kill. This is a mode where any damage sustained at all will instantly kill you, so the challenge is in getting close to your opponent without them hitting you. Game Length and Level can be set to whatever you want it to be.

Finally, it is time for character selection. If you are playing Slappers Only, be sure no one chooses Oddjob if you have him unlocked. This character is much shorter than everyone else on the roster, and since every character can only be chosen once, they will have a distinct advantage, especially if anyone takes Jaws, who can only hit Oddjob in Slappers Only if he crouches.

When the game starts, run all over the place and try to melee your opponents. This was a great source of fun on the Nintendo 64 and let’s you get past the game’s clunky aiming system.