Why is playing Oddjob cheating in GoldenEye 007? No Oddjob, explained

Only choose him if you want a confrontation.

James Bond in the intro for GoldenEye 007

Image via Nintendo

With GoldenEye 007 finally seeing new life on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, many people are getting their first experience with the game. That being said, if you jump into a multiplayer game with someone who played the original N64 version, you will likely hear them call you a cheater for playing the character Oddjob. Why is there an emphasis on no Oddjob in GoldenEye 007?

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Why is Oddjob banned in GoldenEye 007?

If you have chosen Oddjob in a multiplayer match of GoldenEye 007, you are generally considered to be cheating because of the character’s height. This character is about half the size of the rest of the roster, with no drawback to his ability. Because GoldenEye is a 90s game that was trying to make a first-person shooter work on a N64 controller, aiming and hitting this character is much tougher than anyone else in the game. If you are playing Slappers Only, it can almost be impossible to hit him.

Because you have to stop moving and aim the reticle with a button press, Oddjob is easily the most broken character in GoldenEye. Whoever plays them can keep moving around without needing to stop themselves because they are shooting or attacking much bigger targets. Because of this, many N64 parties would outright ban anyone from playing him.

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Of course, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game still feature Oddjob, so there is a chance that playing with anyone could start a fight if you decide to choose him. The Xbox version has adjusted aiming controls, but the Switch requires the same aiming style which is really tough. Even people who worked on developing that original N64 game have publicly agreed that choosing Oddjob in a multiplayer match is cheating. For the most fair experience, don’t play him.