How to play with friends online in PlateUp

Turn your friend group into an all-star kitchen.

Image via Yogscast Games

While there is a single-player mode in PlateUp, part of its appeal is being able to play with friends. You can work together to create the most dazzling, five-star restaurants that happen to only serve salads. However, to do that, you do need Steam’s help. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, don’t miss out on setting friendly kitchen fires and causing chaos with your pals just because you’re a little confused by the interface.

How do you play multiplayer in PlateUp?

To start playing with your friends in PlateUp, begin by opening up the game. In the main menu, you have an option to choose the multiplayer mode. Doing this helps you create a multiplayer lobby. You can choose to make your multiplayer game invite only or open. That means that you either use Shift + Tab to access the Steam overlay and invite friends directly, or tell them to go into Steam and hit “join game.” Then, once you hit “start” and your lobby is open, your friends still have to add an input device to fully join the game. They need to hold O on their controller or P on their keyboard to activate their profile and become an active member of your lobby. Then, you can cook, serve, and play as a group.

Pro tip: even if your friends miss the original lobby or are coming late to the party, they can join the game late. As long as you don’t already have four players, they can join during the buying and organizing part of each round.

Do you get XP while playing multiplayer PlateUp?

When you play multiplayer PlateUp, you only officially play in one person’s game. So does that mean any experience you gain while playing is wasted if you’re not the lobby-holder? Luckily, no. Whatever experience you earn with friends will transfer to your own account. When you’re back in your own single-player lobby, you can access the “grant” button below your starting rooms and then get all that experience transferred to your own game. That way, you don’t have to start back at the beginning just because you’ve been playing with friends.