How to preload Hogwarts Legacy on PC and Steam

Prepare to play Hogwarts Legacy.

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Eager Hogwarts Legacy players have been waiting to play the game for quite some time. While it officially launches on February 10, with early access available on February 7 for those who have the Deluxe Edition, the download process can take quite a bit of time. Thankfully, players can preload the game ahead of the official release. Here’s what you need to know about how to preload Hogwarts Legacy on PC.

Preloading Hogwarts Legacy on Steam

Following not being able to do it, the Hogwarts Legacy team has now made it possible for players to begin preloading the game before it officially releases. This was previously not going to happen but has since changed following the community and player base becoming more excited to play it with the positive reviews for it coming out at the start of the week.

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For anyone who has already preordered the Hogwarts Legacy game, the game is now available to download. You will need to visit the store page on Steam to begin downloading it. If you have not purchased the game, preloading the game won’t happen. This is only for anyone who has already bought the game and is planning to play it when it launches or during the 72-hour early access. There will be additional bonuses for players who purchased the Deluxe Edition, alongside the 72-hour early access period.

The preloading length may vary, and it could take some time before it’s ready for you to play, depending on your internet connection. Once it’s ready, all PC players will have access to the game when it goes live in their area for early access or for the official release on February 10.