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How to complete Secrets of the Restricted Section in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is full of eerie and treacherous areas. From the hidden corridor of Herbology to the Restricted Section of the Library itself. As you progress through the game’s main story, you’ll eventually get the “The Secrets of the Restricted Section” quest from Fig. This quest tasks you with sneaking into the library’s restricted Section. Your friend Sebastian Sallow will offer a hand to break into this area. But most importantly, he’ll teach you a spell to help you complete this risky task: Disillusionment.

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The Disillusion spell helps you open the chests with eyes and acts like Harry Potter‘s invisibility cloak— you won’t be seen as long as it’s active. The spell will help you avoid getting caught sneaking around by the Prefects in this quest. But it’s not a matter of casting Disillusionment left and right. This quest has got a sneaky minigame of its own.

How to access the restricted section in the library of Hogwarts Legacy

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To enter the Library, you must wait for the Prefects to be absent-minded. The one near the door should not be looking towards it, and the other two should be together. So shoot your shots carefully. Once inside, you will have to deal with the Librarian, and no, I’m not suggesting using Unforgivable Curses. At least not yet. You’ll need to grab the key from the Librarian’s desk.

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After a straightforward stealth phase, you will be inside the Restricted Section. Don’t forget to check the upper floor to grab a chest. Now comes the part a little more challenging phase. Prefects and librarians are nothing next to ghosts. And that’s your next stealth target. To throw the ghosts off the scent, you must aim at the books in front of you to make them face that direction. Then, keep the map around to activate the path and know which way to go. At last, dodge the next ghost, and the stealth phase will end.

Continue through the halls of the restricted section until you run into an eyeball chest for you to open. It won’t be long until you can talk to a clown/jester. Once he is gone, you will have to make your way through using Reparo. Keep going until you activate the ancient magic and go through a portal to the Athenaeum.

How to access the Athenaeum in Hogwarts Legacy

As you go through the portal, look to your left to grab a chest. Then, you’ll reach a ravine. A bridge will emerge if you land several basic attacks on the orb in front of you.

On the other side, you’ll have to battle several Pensive Paladins. Keep going until you reach a mysterious book. After picking it up, a story cinematic will be triggered, and you will return to the restricted library section with Sebastian. After watching one more cinematic, the quest will be over.

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