How to reach the Poidsear Coast in Hogwarts Legacy

A dangerous route ahead.

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The map of Hogwarts Legacy is quite large and encompasses a big portion of the highlands. The many areas that you can visit help fill the world with wonder. While some places seem like you can get to them easily, instead they can be quite tricky to find. The Poidsear Coast is one of those areas that you may have a difficult time reaching, especially if you are under-leveled. This guide will show you how to reach the Poidsear Coast in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to go from South Sea Bog to Poidsear Coast in Hogwarts Legacy

The southern portion of the Hogwarts Legacy map is far from where you start the game. This area is filled with mystery and plenty of items. This area is known as the Poidsear Coast and it is a bit difficult to find. When you examine the area, you can see that it is connected to the South Sea Bog so it should be easy to reach. Unfortunately, a large mountain separates you from the area and not even a broom can fly over it. You have to take a different approach.

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If you try to fly over the mountain that separates the two sections of the map from one another, you will be met with a no-fly zone that blocks your progress. Instead of going where you think you need to, head south and locate the bandit camp at the base of the mountain. This is where things will start to get difficult, this bandit camp is filled with goblins and even has a few trolls. Make sure you are ready before progressing.

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After reaching the bandit camp, make your way to the mountain. You should see a large door in the mountain. Go through the door and follow the path. This will lead you through a large facility inside the mountain filled with enemies. If you manage to make it through, you will be in the Poidsear Coast when you leave the facility. There is a Floo Flame fast-travel point halfway through the facility called East South Sea Bog.