How to receive save data bonuses and Amiibo presents in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

A good way to help fund your war efforts.

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Almost every Nintendo game that has been on the Switch has received Amiibo support. These figures often give you in-game items that you can use to enhance your gameplay experience or further your progress without the necessary grind. In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, there are two ways to get bonus items; Amiibo figures and save data. Provided you meet the requirements, these bonuses are pretty good as well.

How to get Amiibo presents

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Amiibo presents come in a variety of items. Depending on what Amiibo you use, you can get weapons like iron swords and maces, or you can get a large pile of gold to help finance your war efforts. Whatever Amiibo you use, the prize is going to be good. To retrieve your Amiibo items, go into the bonuses menu by pressing the – button and selecting the “Bonuses” option at the bottom of the menu above the “System” option. After that, select the option for “Amiibo Presents.” Once you do that, the scanner will activate and you can press your Amiibo against the sensor to get your present. You can use up to five different Amiibo figures each day to get more in-game items.

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How to get save data bonuses

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You can access the save data bonus menu in the same way as the Amiibo present menu. The only difference is that you need to select the “Save Data Bonuses” option instead of the “Amiibo Present” option. After selecting that option, the game will search your system for save data from either the original Fire Emblem Warriors or Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If the save data for either one or both games is detected, you will receive bonus rewards of a few items, some crafting materials, and gold. Keep in mind that you can only receive this bonus once for each game.