How to redeem preorder bonuses in Hogwarts Legacy

Get the bonuses you were promised.

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For anyone who has preordered Hogwarts Legacy, multiple rewards await you when you get the game. This is true if you have the early access version from the Deluxe Edition and if you preordered the standard game. Here’s what you need to know about how to redeem preorder bonuses in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where can you get your preorder bonuses in Hogwarts Legacy?

Thankfully, finding these bonuses is relatively easy. They will only appear when those respective items become available to you, and you can begin using them in the Hogwarts Legacy menu. For example, those who received the Dark Arts appearance bundle can start placing it on their character in the appearance tab. Next, you will need access to the Gear section of your inventory. Hover over any specific item your character wears, and select the appearance tab. This will open up the appearance choice, and you can swap out what your character is wearing with a new item. This does not change out the stats.

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The same goes for other items you receive as preordered bonuses. For example, the Felix Felicis potion is also available for you if you preordered the game. You receive the recipe immediately, but you can’t start brewing it until you gain access to potions and learn how to make those through the main quests. It becomes much easier to make these potions once you get beyond this point.

There are a handful of other rewards for Hogwarts Legacy preorders, but your account should automatically have access to them. Some of them might be hidden in an appearance menu.