How to refer a friend in Fortnite and get the Rainbow Rider skin

You have until November 14 to register your referees.

Image via Epic Games

To avoid fading into obscurity, Epic Games is introducing a refer a friend feature into Fortnite that will help bring your pals back into the battle royale title. Furthermore, if they play for an extensive amount of time, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive Rainbow Rider skin. It’s a win-win.

To start the process, go to the Refer A Friend Fortnite website. On the main page, you’ll see Add a Fortnite Friend. You may need to log in to your Epic Games account as well on the top right of the screen. Now, click “Add A Fortnite Friend,” which has a purple background. Once you create a connection on the website, you’ll instantly gain a loading screen to your account.

On this website, you can add up to five friends who have not played Fortnite for less than 120 minutes in the last 30 days. This also includes completely new players. If your friend agrees to play with you, complete the following objectives to get the Rainbow Rider’s rewards, including her outfit.

  • Rainbow Rider Wrap
    • Play one game of Fortnite (Duos, Trios, or Squads) with the referee.
  • Rainbow Rider Glider
    • Place top 10 three times with the referee.
  • Rainbow Rider Pickaxe
    • Eliminate ten opponents with the referee.
  • Rainbow Rider Outfit
    • You and your referee must gain 60 levels on both of your accounts.

You will have until November 14 to register the referee(s). Afterward, Epic Games will give you until January 10, 2022, to finish all the tasks above. Getting the Rainbow Rider outfit might be tough if your friends have fallen off the Fortnite train, but we wish you luck regardless.