How to refer a friend in Fortnite

Work with your friends to earn exclusive in-game rewards for Fortnite.

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Fortnite’s Refer a Friend program is meant to bring friends back into the game and help them earn levels. While they’re gaining levels and you’re playing the game together, the two of you can earn exclusive rewards through the Refer a Friend program. Here’s what you need to know to get started with the Refer a Friend program in Fortnite and all the rewards you can earn.

How to get Refer a Friend rewards

You first need to make your way over to Fortnite’s Refer a Friend website. Here, you will need to sign in using your Epic Account. After you’ve done that, you will have the chance to send five invitations to friends to play Fortnite using the website. Your friends must accept the invitations and complete multiple in-game tasks together while playing the game. You will not be able to participate in the Refer a Friend program if you do not send out these invitations.

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The friends you send invitations to must not have played at least two hours of the core Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build game playlists in the last 30 days you send out the invitations. If a friend has not played the game in several months, this is a good opportunity to reintroduce them to Fortnite.

Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program challenges and rewards

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The tasks for this program are not too challenging to complete, but it will take some time for you and your friend to work through them. These are all of the tasks and rewards through this program.

  • Create a Connection and add a Fortnite Friend
    • Xander Spray
  • Play 1 Game in Fortnite with a Referee
    • Xander Wrap
  • Play top 10 six times with your Referee
    • Xander Back Bling
  • Eliminate 45 Opponents with your Referee
    • Xander Pickaxe
  • Gain plus 60 levels on your own and wait for your Referee to gain plus 60 Levels too
    • Xander Outfit

Fortnite Refer a Friend program dates

This Refer a Friend program will only be available from July 19 to January 10, 2023. After this, the Refer a Friend program will be unavailable, but you will have until February 19, 2023, to complete all of the tasks, so long as you already have a friend signed up for the program and playing the game.