How To Remove Friends On Monopoly Go

Friends are great and all, but sometimes you need to free up some space for the more active ones. Here’s how you can do so in Monopoly Go.

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Monopoly Go is one of the better Monopoly simulators out there currently. It’s very quirky in terms of visuals and sound, and there are a lot of folks playing, but sometimes you may want to remove someone from your friends list on Monopoly Go.

For those who’ve played any online game, there’s a time when the ol’ friends’ list gets a little full. Most games have a cap on how many friends you can have at once, so it’s extremely difficult to keep up with the ones you have, especially if they don’t log in after a while. In Monopoly Go, there’s a limit on your friends as well; in this case, one hundred and five, to be exact. Here’s how to let some of your less active buddies go for new ones.

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Friend Removal Process

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Once you’ve had your fill of friends, all you have to do is tap the friends button on the bottom left of the screen to open up your friends list. Tap the friend that you no longer want to lose. Then tap the remove button to send them away. Don’t worry; you can always invite them back if you want to do so.

Remember that the more friends you invite, the more dice you can earn. There is a cap on the number of dice you can carry once, which is 10,000. There are also uncapped dice, which are more difficult to get and require a friend group. The process can be time-consuming, so many people are unwilling to help without a price.

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We encourage new players to find friend groups on Facebook and Discord if they have trouble finding uncapped dice. It’s a great way to keep playing without waiting until the timer refills your dice. There are plenty of players who cycle through friends to achieve this method, so don’t feel bad if you have to remove some people to get it done. Keep your family and friends on the list unless you want to suffer their wrath.