What is the release date for Friends vs. Friends? Answered

Make friends, and then shoot them in the head.

Image via Raw Fury on YouTube

A bizarre multiplayer mash-up was revealed during Gamescom Opening Night called Friends vs Friends. In cel-shaded glory, developer Brainwash Gang promises to fuse the card game genre with FPS as players strive to kill everyone else in the arena.

Aside from a fantastically strange trailer, not much has been made known regarding this title. It’s slated to release to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC systems, but when exactly does Friends vs. Friends release?

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When will Friends vs. Friends launch?

From what Brainwash Gang has revealed, Friends vs Friends is worth marking for the future. While we don’t have a firm release date just yet, the team has revealed a few key details. A group of anthropomorphic animals lose all of their funds on a shady gambling site online and end up killing each other for sport. Promising no microtransactions for progression (understood as not buying card packs with real money for an advantage), unlocking of characters, and a wealth of cards that can fundamentally change the battle, Friends vs Friends looks like an interesting premise.

The cards that come into play can act as gameplay modifiers, power up your character, nerf enemies, or summon turrets into the battlefield. Players will be able to use cards to increase their maximum health or their speed, force enemies to have a big head for easier shots, or even remove the enemies’ ability to jump.

With 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, the key to victory appears to be two-fold: shoot well, and synergize your cards to maximize the pain dealt to the enemy team. With the 2v2 game mode, in particular, synergizing cards with your ally to tip the scales in your favor hedges an interesting wager. Interestingly, the Steam page for Friends vs Friends has already been tagged with esports, which makes a vague if alluring promise.

If developer Brainwash Gang can manage to keep the multiple cards balanced and not feel too overly punishing, Friends vs Friends should be a fascinating romp to the final heads-up duel. We will update this guide as soon as more information about the release date is made available.