How to repair client in Diablo Immortal

Get things back in shape.

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It doesn’t matter how good a video game is put together, there is going to be some kind of overlooked bug or issue that pops up in the game. Most of the time, you can get away with a simple restart or some other fix, but deeper-lying issues could leave you considering a full reinstall. For games like Diablo Immortal, there is a lot to install whether you are on a PC or mobile phone. Luckily, there is another way to repair your client to avoid that situation, hopefully. Here is what to do.

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Diablo Immortal repair client tool guide

The repair client tool in Diablo Immortal is a feature that will look over your game’s full install and try to locate corrupted files. It will then reinstall those specific files instead of making you start from scratch, saving you time and downloaded data. If you are experiencing constant issues with the game that are not going away with restarts and game updates, you will want to give it a try.

Before you consider using the repair client tool, first make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If playing on a PC, try using a direct connection to your router, and phone users will need to attempt a Wi-Fi connection. Be sure to check for any updates to your game in the launcher or your phone’s app store. Also, check the Diablo Immortal Twitter page to make sure that the game is not currently undergoing maintenance or anything.

How to use the repair client tool on mobile

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To begin the repair client process, open Diablo Immortal to the title page and tap the tool icon on the right. Confirm you want to do this, and the game will close. Open it again, and as the game gets started it will delete your extra downloaded items, so be sure you’re fine with downloading them again.

How to use the repair client tool on PC

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While you can use the same repair process on the PC port as the mobile version, we recommend using the service provided in the launcher. Before you start the game, click the gear icon next to “Play” and then choose “Scan and Repair.” If anything is detected to be corrupted or missing, an automatic update will take place.