How to rotate the camera in Gears Tactics

Have a full perspective of a fight.

Image via The Coalition

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Gears Tactics is a new way to experience the Gears of Wars franchise. Rather than a cover shooter experience, you’ll be going through it as a real-time strategy game, similar to the XCOM franchise. Because this game is a new experience for players, you may not immediately know how to handle the controls, and positioning the camera is important.

The primary two keys you want to focus on to route the camera is the ‘Q’ button and the ‘E’ button. By clicking the Q button you will rotate the camera clockwise, and when clicking the E button you’ll move it counter-clockwise.

Depending on the situation and what you need to see, you want to switch between these two to have the best angle on whatever you’re fighting. It helps to look at a perspective through multiple viewpoints, too, because the more chances you have to examine it, the more information you can learn.

When you want to move your camera across the terrain, away from your characters, all you need to do is use your mouse. You can pan the camera further away to have an idea of what your characters are about to face. The more information you have before you handle a particular situation or encounter, the better chances you have of all characters surviving the fight.

You want to optimize every item and ability your characters have while fighting in the game. You can also reset your character’s skills to customize your team to fit your playstyle better.